Features & Benefits

Exclusive Stabilization Bar for our Tip N’ Roll Bleacher.
  • Prevents overturning while in storage position.
  • Easy to connect and disconnect.
Heavy-Duty All-Aluminum Understructure—3 Times Stiffer and 6 Times Stronger than our Competition.
  • 2-1/2” x 2” horizontal members.
  • 2” x 1-1/2” vertical members.
  • Cross-braced in transverse bays for increase rigidity.
  • Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 mill finish materials for increased tinsel strength.
  • 20% more material.
  • All mating parts are seam-welded. (Link to picture)
  • All welds cleaned after fabrication. (Comparison Picture)
Increased Seatboard and Footboard Leg Height to 1-3/4”.
  • Reduces deflection.
  • Eliminates any issues of extrusion failure.
  • Patrons feel safer with reduced deflection.
Positive Seatboard and Footboard Connections.
  • Internal aluminum connection clips, with memory.
  • Additional shake-proof washers to provide maintenance-free connections after installation.
Heavy-Duty End Caps
  • Match in both color and finish to the aluminum seatboards and footboards.
  • Single, full length design provides additional stability.
  • Friction fit for a positive connection.
Heavy-Duty Guard Rail System.
  • Rear corner rail connector for continuous railing system.
  • Snag-free design.
  • Schedule 40 aluminum pipe with clear anodized finish.
  • Cast aluminum plugs and fittings.
  • 9ga. Chain link fencing.
Closed Aisle System.
  • Completely closes the horizontal plane of the aisle.
  • Contrasting nose marker for safety. (Link to picture)
  • Intermediate aisle handrail for comfort and safety.
  • Made of the same schedule 40 anodized aluminum pipe as the guardrailing.
Safety is in the Design.
  • Fluted non-skid walking surfaces. (Link to picture of planking)
  • Contrasting nose markers on stairs and aisle access ways. (Link to picture)
  • Snag-free guardrailings.
  • Engineered for heavy loads transmitted to the understructure.
  • Complies with your state and local codes.